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Trade-In Program

Upgrade Your Ride

Have you been dreaming of a new road bike but need to get rid of your current bike first? Thinking about a new 29er but your trusty old hardtail is still in decent working condition? Let us take your old bike off your hands and get you on a new bike!

Our program is simple and straightforward. Here's how it works:

  • Pick out your new bike.
  • Bike to be traded must be of bike store quality.
  • Nothing from the big box stores; No Huffy, Dyno, Roadmaster, or Pacific bikes. You get the idea!
  • Quality bikes only.
  • Bring the bike to either Bike Rack location.
  • Let our staff assess your bike and assign it a value.
  • We apply the determined value of your trade-in against your soon-to-be new bike. You pay the difference and ride away into the sunset!
  • We must see your bike in person to quote you a trade-in value. We cannot give an accurate quote without seeing the bike firsthand.

So, how do we come up with a quote for your trade-in?

  • Trade-in value is based on wholesale price, age, condition, and current market desire.
  • Basic formula is: Wholesale value of trade in, minus parts and labor required to ensure bike is in safe and correct working condition.

What if my bike doesn't qualify as a trade-in, or isn't worth much?

We take donations of ALL BIKES. Donated bikes that may still have a future will find there way to those in need, either as donor parts bikes or fixed up. Donated bikes in very poor condition will be donated to THOR as scrap metal (THOR is Trails Have Our Respect; they build and maintain mountain bike trails in the area). The Bike Rack will help you clean out your garage from unwanted/unused bikes!