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Paved Trails

Great Rides in Nebraska

Looking for awesome paved rides in and around Omaha and Lincoln, Nebraska? Check out our recommendations below and visit us today for more recommendations.

Lake Manawa

Lake Manawa is located about 15 minutes from Omaha in Council Bluffs, IA. The park offers both paved and offroad riding options. You can pedal along the lake using the main road or ride the paved trail which connects to the Western Trails Center, Council Bluffs trail system, and the Wabash Trace Trail. 

Lincoln Area Trails

The Lincoln area trails network is sponsored by the Great Plains Trails Network.  The Great Plains Trails Network is a group of citizens who advocate and support a network of trails in and around Lancaster County, Nebraska, for jogging, biking, walking and horseback riding.

Mahoney State Park

Mahoney State Park offers many amenities including camping areas, picnic areas, restaurants, lodging, cabins, and a new Safari Park. Besides being a great place to ride, there is tons of stuff to do at Mahoney. It is located between Omaha and Lincoln off I-80. recently, the new SAC Air Museum opened about 1 mile from Mahoney State Park. Take your friends or family there for a weekend and you won't be disappointed.

Omaha Area Trails

The Omaha area trails network is the largest group of trails running mostly North/South.  Due to various projects around the area, some parts of the trail may be under construction or not yet finished. Please use caution in construction areas.
For a map of the Omaha Area Trails, visit

Raccoon River Trail

The Raccoon River Trail is a paved, 34 mile trail along the scenic Raccoon River near Des Moines Ia. Camping is available at Springbrook Lake, 5 miles west of Yale. This is a great trail for family and friends.

Sauk River Trail

The Sauk River Trail starts from Swan Lake in the northwestern part of Iowa. Approximately 33 miles of trails will be available when construction is completed. The trail will eventually be complete to Blackhawk Lake near Lakeview IA.

Saylorville / Des Moines River Trail

The Des Moines River Trail starts in downtown Des Moines. it is a 24 mile paved trail that runs to the north end of the Saylorville Reservoir. Start a very scenic ride at one of the recreation areas along the east side of the Saylorville Reservoir. There are also about 4.5 miles of dirt singletrack available on the west and north side of the Reservoir.

Standing Bear Lake

Standing Bear is located in Northwest Omaha on the northwest corner of 132nd and Fort Street. There are about 5 miles of paved and dirt trails available for recreational cycling and some mountain biking. Picnic areas are available, and the fishing is great!

Wehrspan Lake

Wehrspann Lake is in Omaha, southwest of Hwy. 50 and Giles Road. There are approximately 7 miles of paved, rolling trails around the lake. The trails are great for recreational cycling, walking and running. Check in the main lodge for more information on local Omaha area trails.

Zorinsky Lake

Zorinsky Lake is located in Omaha just south of 156th and Industrial Road. The paved trails around the lake are about 8 miles long and quite scenic. The lake offers two different play areas for children. The natural prairie grass areas, and local wildlife offer a great ride, walk, or run.