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Women's Ride Guide

Promoting More Women On Bikes

For over 100 years, bikes have been a powerful tool around the world to promote women’s rights, establishing a strong connection between riding a bike and women’s empowerment. Here at Bike-Rack, we’re beyond fortunate to be able to share our cycling passions and ambitions as women. Let’s create a world we all deserve together by inspiring each other and riding bikes!

Employee Spotlight

What got you into cycling?

“I started working at the Bike Rack in 2014 and this whole other world opened up to me. I used my bike as a way to get around, but when I was introduced to people who ride bikes for fun I realized the city had so much more going on. I started with mountain biking and then riding the roads. Now I have the pleasure to ride all four seasons of the year and I love it.”

- Katie Todd, Bike-Rack Team



Each and every day, more women are enjoying the benefits of cycling as transportation, trail exploration, a pure source of freedom or a way to make new friends while getting outside. No matter which type of rider you are, we have a bike that will more than compliment your desired purpose! Let us help you choose the best bike for you.

Women's Apparel


The right apparel is key to making your rides more comfortable and more efficient. With new technology and new designs, women’s cycling apparel is as functional as it is fashionable. We’ve got everything from jerseys to bottoms with features that’ll be sure to enhance your riding.



Every body is different, but now saddles are created with different body types in mind. Finding a great saddle will add comfort and reduce soft-tissue pressure all while providing skeletal support. Choose from a variety of widths and designs so you can perform at your best.

Women's Shoes


Cycling specific shoes can not only help you improve every pedal stroke they are built to withstand the rigors of riding. From the trail to the road to the spin studio, you’ll want a shoe model that suits your feet and riding style. Secure closures, extra width, roomy toe boxes or a stiff midsole will keep you spinning with ease.

What gear can't you live without?

“A bar or seat bag filled with snacks, energy powders, sunscreen and butt butter. Can never have enough of the basics, whether it’s an hour-ride or whole-day.”

Katie Todd, Bike-Rack Team



When you want to carry all the goods and your kiddos too, we’ve got you covered. Our packs and bags are snack-tastic and will help you be fully prepared no matter how far or long your ride may be. No need to worry about not having the proper tools at hand. Increasing your carrying capacity is a cinch with a proper storage setup.

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